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FLV Video Player with Web UI  v.1.2

A Flash-based Video player with User Interface in DHTML and JavaScript. Minimizes cost to update the UI; UI can reflect changes in other dynamic systems. Minimizes number of times you need to compile the SWF flash

GC jQuery UI theme switcher  v.1.01

Theme switcher tool for the jQuery UI CSS Framework. Change the css stylesheet using an jQuery UI dialogbox which you can call using a button or a link in your html page. Completely implemented in your

HAL UI  v.1.0

HAL UI is a user interface for a diskless linux

Jump Start UI for Eclipse  v.1.0.1

Jump Start UI is a development tool that jumpstarts your UI development by generating initial display and binding code based on the JavaBean. Genertes code for HTML, SWT, and other

MPlayer UI  v.1.0

MPlayer UI is cross-platform user interface to popular console based multimedia player MPlayer. It aims to provide interface to reach feautures of MPlayer: audio/video playback, streaming audio/video playback and recording,

OpenXUP - an XUP-based UI framework  v.20070501

XUP (Extensible User Interface Protocol) is a SOAP-based protocol for delivering events and incremental UI updates. This project builds a web application development framework on top of XUP, consisting of a client, a server toolkit, and a template

RefGen ASP.NET UI Generator  v.0.4.6

.NET 2.0 reflection-to-cache-based library, with an ASP.NET UI generation feature. Uses Dynamic IL to generate VERY fast accessors to properties, and allows direct get and set of objects to controls that allow for their edit or display in ASP.NET

Sigma Ajax UI builder  v.1.0

Written in javascript and PHP, SigmaVisual is web based visual AJAX UI builder for professional developers. Developers save their time in building up prototype as well as real web applications. TreeBar, TreeGrid, Layout, Menu are

Steghide UI  v.3.0

Steghide UI is a nifty GUI written by Drunken.Canadian for the console application steghide as the name suggests. It allows the user to everything steghide can but with a nice user friendly GUI. Now, steghide UI has a new options

Tk-UI  v.3.4

Tk-UI is a Java Toolkit for declaratively building User Interfaces (UI). UI is described with an XML grammar (XUL, XHTML, etc.), logic is managed with a scripting language (JavaScript, etc.). UI is rendered with an actual GUI library (SWT, Swing,

Universal UI  v.1.0

Universal UI is an open development environment that allows the creation of user interfaces in multiple programming languages. The application classes define a framework that is subclassed by a developer and tailored for language specific

UI Inspector for Eclipse  v.1.0.1

UI Inspector for Eclipse is an Eclipse plugin that shows information for selected SWT controls, views/editors, perspectives, actions and associated data in the Eclipse IDE or

UI Nav Test  v.035

The UI Nav Test Tool is a web based application for testing the usability of labeling and organization for navigation systems. The test tool presents tasks to a research participant and collects data as they interact with a proposed navigation

UI to SWT Translator  v.1.0.3

A translator that converts Qt Designer UI files into SWT java classes. Use the power of Qt Designer to generate your user interface and then automatically generate SWT java source

UI Widgets Tags  v.0.8

Deliver JSP tags for common UI widgets (for instance : wizzard, tree, progressBar, list, comboBox and titled panel). AJAX technology is used whenever it is possible. Other will be delivered later depending on my free time and on my

UI::Dialog  v.1.08

UI::Dialog is a Object Oriented Perl wrapper for the various dialog applications. These dialog backends are currently supported: Zenity, XDialog, GDialog, KDialog, CDialog, and

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